'Les Society de Plants' Tee in White

Wear Bare Bones

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'Les Society de Plants' Tee in White - WearBareBones
'Les Society de Plants' Tee in White - WearBareBones

When you wanna rep plants, but wanna be a little more chill about it. ūüėé (We all have different moods, ya know?) Complete with the V for Vegan¬†emblem, our Society of Plants tee shares your passion for your plant-based lifestyle, without screaming Vegan as F*ck at someone. (Not that there's anything wrong with that- we do it all the time.)¬†

Here's why you are going to dig this tee:

This 100% cotton tee will not only have you looking fly AF but you'll love the feel so much that you'll never want to take it off. No joke, our shirts are comfy AF.
    This tee will let everyone know you're passionate about your plant-based lifestyle in the most chill way possible. Plus, the french makes it fancy, and that's fun every now and then. 
      All of our shirts and tops are made using the highest quality threads that we can source for you.  None of that cheap, thin, wear-once type of stuff here. 
        What's more fly than a good fit? Nothing. That's why you'll love the trim and true-to-size fit on this tee. Preserve the fit by washing on cold and hang drying.

          This is a unisex tee, so we recommend that ladies, order a size down when you snag this look. If you don't get the size right the first time, just holler and we'll get you sorted out. #Chillout


          This part is really important so don't skip it. We give you free US shipping on every order, every day. You're welcome and we heart you. 


          A plant-based badass like you shouldn't bother with shipping costs. 


          Model: Tami Sofia

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