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What Veganism Taught Us About Influencing Change

We love being vegan. It’s probably the life choice we are most proud of. And like many other vegans, we are passionate as fuck about being vegan. In case you’ve never been on social media before, being a passionate as fuck vegan means:

  • Barely being able to wait for your turn to talk in a conversation (any conversation will do) so you can “subtley” say you are vegan
  • Eating 10+ bananas throughout the day in public so your friends or co-workers ask you what you are doing so you can drop some vegan knowledge on them
  • Going to a restaurant and having a total freakout when they have “vegan friendly” items and then ordering all of them to post an epic vegan pic on IG and tagging the post with #veganAF
  • Jumping out of bed each day with ridiculous energy levels and frantically telling everyone you see how hype you feel before even having had coffee yet

If you are already vegan — you can relate! If not, it's all true! Jokes aside though, to us, being vegan really means opening our eyes, our minds, and our hearts to see the world through a different lens. It means having a genuine respect for this beautiful planet we call home. It means having endless compassion for the innocent creatures we share this earth with. And it means treating all people with that exact same respect and compassion.

What is does not mean is alienating others who haven’t made the same choices we’ve made at the same time in life that we’ve made them. This applies to any topic really but we see it so much around veganism on social media. The judgment and criticism people cast so freely towards each other now is insanely counter productive to what their intent likely is. We truly admire passion and intensity around a cause. It can move mountains. But it can also be highly repulsive if misguided. You simply cannot promote an inclusive movement with an barrage of exclusive judgement and shaming.

Take us as an example. Not too long ago, we weren't very vegan. We only tried it out after binge watching documentaries and challenging ourselves to try eating vegan for a few days. Back then we never realized it had anything to do with animals or the planet. Seriously. We just thought it was about health and well being. It wasn’t until we met people who nourished our minds with enlightenment and perspective that we were able to make the real connection about what being vegan actually means. If these good people would’ve instead wrote us off because we weren't real vegans then we may have never made the connection.

So, what has being vegan taught us about influencing change? It taught us that our potential to effectuate the change we want in this world only becomes effective when we learn how to empathize with each other.

It’s that simple.