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We are so stoked to introduce you to the Tofu Fit fam! Quick reminder before we do that though- today is the last day to enter the #NowImVegan contest on Instagram! You can find out more details here

Now, let's meet the Tofu Fit fam! You might be familiar with Mariia (@tofu_fit_girl) and JD (@tofu_fit_guy) on Instagram. Or, you might have seen the whole fam on YouTube (@TofuFitness). They're constantly providing awesome vegan inspiration and info, recipes, and fitness tips! They also have the cutest vegan kid, Mia. We're psyched because we got a chance to interview them recently and got a peek at how they live, their vegan story, and what they're currently up to. 😀

tofu fit fam vegan gang tee

(Vegan Gang tee)

Tell us a little bit about the Tofu Fit fam:

We are a plant-based family of 3 residing in NYC (JD, Mariia & our daughter Mia). We enjoy living a simple life and try to spend our time doing things that make us happy- spending time with family, working out, and helping spread the vegan message.

 What led up to your decision to go vegan? 

It was JD's idea to go vegetarian. He happened to watch some footage from a slaughterhouse and saw how horrible these animals were treated. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. We've always been supportive of each other and after having a conversation we both knew we couldn't be a part of it anymore. After a few weeks of digging a little deeper, doing research, reading books and watching documentaries like Forks Over KnivesCowspiracy, and Earthlings we went fully vegan.

How long have you been vegan for?

We've been vegan for about 3 years now.

Did you have any struggles with adapting to a vegan lifestyle?

We really had no issues transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Once you come to a realization that the life of an animal is more important than taste buds, tradition or convenience, it's really easy to stay vegan. Besides, studies have shown that consumption of animal products is linked to major chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, so it's not something you want to put in your body. There are so many vegan options nowadays, so anything you love to eat you can eat vegan- pizza, burgers, ice cream, cheese, you name it.

How has veganism impacted your life?

Going vegan has really opened our eyes to a completely different world. We see more beauty than ever before, but also more darkness than ever before. It’s made us want to seek the truth in everything we learn about, and not just live our lives like marionettes.

What is your absolute favorite part about being vegan?

The best part about being vegan is that you’re saving lives every day. When you make the choice to stop eating animal products, you literally choose life over death every day, multiple times a day. Not to mention you’re saving your own life and the life of anyone else you can impact.

What does your typical day look like on a vegan diet? 

A typical day of eating would be:

    • Breakfast: Overnight oats using soy milk, hemp/flax/ chia seeds, berries and some blackstrap molasses or maple syrup to sweeten it up.
    • Lunch: Greens, tofu, sweet potato and some steamed broccoli.
    • Dinner: Some sort of Buddha bowl with beans, quinoa, avocado, bell peppers, cucumbers on a bed of kale, spinach, or arugula.
    • Snacks in between meals are usually either banana ice cream consisting of frozen bananas, frozen blueberries, and frozen mango topped off with some coconut, cacao nibs, and walnuts or Larabars or some fruit.

Quickfire round!

Favorite food: Tofu 😉
Favorite vegan restaurant: We don't eat out much. Mariia makes a lot of yummy homemade meals.
Favorite vegan IG account: @plantbasednews
Go-to snack: Larabar or fruit
Favorite vegan YouTuber: JD: NutritionFacts.Org and Mariia: Ellen Fisher
Any projects or businesses you'd like to share with us? What are they about?
Mariia is working on an ebook with our favorite easy-to-make vegan oil-free recipes. And JD is currently working on some fitness and meal guide plans. On our social media platforms, we share recipes, meal ideas, info on veganism, workouts, etc. We want people to see that you can not only survive but thrive on a vegan diet, build muscle, and be healthy and fit.
Where can we find you online?
You can find us on Instagram at @Tofu_fit_guy and @Tofu_fit_girl and our YouTube channel at Tofu Fitness!
Mariia and JD have also shared their #NowImVegan story! 
Started From The Bottom Now Im Vegan Tofu Fit Girl

Mariia’s #NowImVegan story: "I had no plans of going vegan until my husband came home one day saying he wanted to become vegetarian. He happened to watch some footage of animal abuse on factory farms and he couldn’t believe what we were contributing to. We were always on the same page and supportive of each other so I went along with it. After doing more research(and finding out that plants have protein too😀), reading books and watching documentaries like “Earthlings”, “Forks Over Knives” & “Cowspiracy” we both knew we could never eat animal products ever again. If we don’t need to eat animals or their secretions for survival why would we support such horrific practices and impose so much unnecessary suffering on sentient beings who want to live just like we do? It doesn’t make sense. Also consumption of animal products is linked to major chronic diseases and health issues so it’s not something I want to put in my or my child’s body. By going vegan we aren’t only improving our health, but also lightening our footprint on the environment and saving lives of animals. It’s been almost 3 years and we are never going back. 🙌"

Started From The Bottom Now I'm Vegan Tofu Fit Guy

(Started From The Bottom Now I’m Vegan tee)

JD’s #NowImVegan story: "Around three years ago I was watching YouTube videos while I was traveling home from work, and on the side where they have suggested videos there was a video on how animals were treated on factory farms. Out of curiosity, I clicked on it, and my whole life changed. I couldn’t believe how the animals were being treated, I felt horrified and disgusted. How did I go 26 years without seeing something like this? They’re either very good at hiding it, or I was blind, either way, I was woke. I ended up binging on a bunch of similar videos and by the time I got home that night I made up my mind. I was going vegetarian. I could never eat meat again. When I walked in the door Mariia asked me how work was, and I just blurted out, “I’m going vegetarian”. She was like, what? So I explained to her what happened and showed her the videos I watched. She was just as shocked as I was. She has always supported me in everything I do, and this was no different. If we were gonna do this, we were gonna do it together. After about another month of research and digging, we made the decision that being vegetarian still wasn’t enough. So we went vegan. We didn’t know what was going to happen to our bodies, but we knew it was the right thing to do. It’s been about three years, and I’m still waiting for that whole protein deficiency thing to happen."

Check out the Tofu Fit Fam for more vegan tips, recipes, and fitness inspiration (and because they are generally awesome people)!

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