Vegan style with Tami Sofia + our new Plant-Based Bliss tee 💕

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plant-based bliss

We're so psyched to roll out our new Plant-Based Bliss teeThis one is about all those feels you get when you ditch cruelty and embrace that plant-based lifestyle.  You can’t deny that living healthier, happier, and more compassionately is pure bliss. And we can’t deny that this super soft tee is going to be cute AF on you.

Now, let's meet Tami Sofia

Tell us about yourself: 

I’m Tami.  I’m an LA native.  I’m a vegan stylist.  I love my work.  I love my city.  I love my little Chihuahua, Princess Cupcake (yea, I know).  I have a blog that I’m just really getting into (, where I mostly talk about fashion, styling, and shopping vegan.  I want to help spread the word about vegan fashion and cool companies doing cool stuff, like Wear Bare Bones.  It feels so great to connect with like-minded people.  And our little vegan community is growing, so come join us!

plant-based bliss shirt

What do you do in your free time? 

I love checking out all the vegan restaurants we have here in LA.  I’m lucky to have so many options. I’m trying to get more involved in animal activism too.  I used to do volunteer work for a human rights organization, and I still support them, but I’ve been spending more time helping the animals these days.  Like I said, my compassion has just extended further so I’m trying to do what I can, where I can.

plant-based bliss tee

What was the inspiration for styling the new Plant-Based Bliss tee?

I styled this tee in two ways, the first being with mustard-colored skinny jeans and a chambray shirt layered over the tee.  To be honest, it was my lazy outfit and the kind of thing I default to because I’m always cold and like to have layers. And I just live in jeans.

plant-based bliss t-shirt

I also love colored denim because it gives the illusion that I tried and I’m not wearing “just jeans”. And I like that these colors bring a Fall tone and a little tomboy flare to this crisp white tee with pretty pink font.

plant-based bliss tee shirt

The second look is a retro-inspired one with dark denim flares and a fluffy pink jacket. This was my fun look.  I wanted to make it a little girly since I err on the side of tomboy usually, and I love wearing furry jackets and showing people that you can still have fun with fashion and be vegan! These are also pants I don’t get to wear all year long- they’re a heavy dark denim and cover my shoes, so they feel very Fall.

Plant-Based Bliss 6

We'll be back with Tami and all of her tips for building a bomb vegan closet next week. 😀

Find Tami on her blog,, and on Instagram, @tami_sofia!

Photos by: @BrittneyCottrell

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