How to Build a Fresh as Fuck Vegan Closet with Tami Sofia 🍎

Wear Bare Bones Team

We're back again with LA-based vegan stylist, Tami Sofia! This week, Tami's breaking down how she styled our Fresh as Fuck pocket tee and sharing how to build a fresh AF vegan closet. 😎

For anyone interested in transitioning to a vegan closet, what tips can you give us? 

I think this is definitely a process.  The only thing you can do immediately is to stop buying any animals products (leather, fur, suede, wool, silk, angora etc.). That’s the biggest thing you can do and something you can implement immediately.  After that, I think it’s up to you and how quickly you want to get rid of stuff or how you want to handle that.  For me, there were certain things I just didn’t want to put on my body anymore. I had some tall leather boots. And I just felt so sad every time I saw them.  So, I knew I wouldn’t wear them again. So, the shoes that were in good condition- I sold and used the money towards a vegan replacement.  The ones that weren’t in the best shape I gave away to friends and donated.  I never had any leather jackets or furs.  But I would say you can do the same with those.  And then I moved on to my bags and purses and I just went through this process as I went through my closet.  It took me a couple years to get rid of everything.  So, I wouldn’t put too much pressure on it, but definitely stop paying money for any new animal products ASAP. And feel free to message me if you have any questions. 

Tell us about how you styled the Fresh as Fuck tee! 😎

So I’m usually a jeans girl.  I hardly ever wear dresses or skirts.  But if I’m going to, there's something about a mini skirt and tall boots that make me feel so badass!  No real logic behind it, it’s just how I feel when I have it on.  That’s all that matters, right?  Anyway, I paired the Fresh as Fuck tee with my tan vegan leather mini skirt and black faux suede over-the-knee boots.  I definitely feel Fresh as Fuck!  The color scheme is simple. I could easily throw on a jean jacket and wear this outfit into the evening. And you could easily make swap the skirt for a jean mini skirt, and wear any color boots!

And what was the inspiration for building look 2? The white denim looks so dope for fall and winter! 

fresh as fuck tee

This is more my usual jam! Baggy, unisex Fresh as Fuck tee- check; tight, sexy, white jeans- check; faux-suede animal print ankle boots- check. I'm feelin’ like a boss! Jeans are a staple for me.  White jeans are a tough one too.  But you just gotta find the right fit and fabric for your body, and when you do, I think they’re magic!  I also live in boots.  Pretty much all year round. I feel good in them, and I am low-key obsessed with all animal prints. (Prints only! No real fur- that belongs on the animal it came from.) And I have mad love for unisex tees. I have a closet full of them, and I think if you just pair them with the right thing, they’re super sexy! It's another neutral color scheme outfit that you can wear day or night. 


You can find Tami styling vegan things on her site and on Instagram. All pictures by the talented Brittney Cottrell.

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