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10 Things To Do This Summer If You're Vegan

Summer (to us) means infinite amounts of sun, longer nights, more relaxation, and eating an f-ton of fresh fruit. We're trying to soak up every last drop of this perfect season. If you're doing the same, here are 10 more ways to enjoy your vegan summer.

  1. Two words: BEACH DAY. Grab your favorite person, make some juice, slice some fruit, and hit the beach. Play, eat, drink, and be merry.
  2. Go to a farmer's market and bond with fellow veg and fruit heads. Farmer's markets are usually a plant-based paradise. You can check out new produce, try tons of samples, and meet the people who actually grow your fresh as f*ck food. Do a search here to find a farmer's market near you.
  3. Take a vegan road trip. What's better in the summer than exploring new spots? Whether it's a beach, city, national park, or anywhere in between, get in your car and go. Visit some of the drool-worthy spots you saw on Instagram. Check out this article for more vegan road trip inspiration. 
  4. Hit up a vegan festival. You can expect tons of new vegan eats to try, plant-based people to meet, cruelty-free products to check out, and positive veggie vibes to chill with. Check out this page for upcoming festivals.
  5. Get your creativity on. Remember being a kid and feeling like summer was filled with infinite time and possibilities? Channel that energy. If you've had an itch to create, do, learn, or try something, start now. Figure out how to launch the food blog, become a swole lifter, start playing an instrument, or paint the picture you've been thinking about. Set aside time and just do it. 
  6. Host a vegan pool party or bonfire. Better yet, host both. Trader Joe's is making some kick-ass vegan marshmallows now and we've eaten some pretty dope vegan hot dogs in the last few weeks. Get your friends and family together and show them what a vegan summer is all about. 
  7. Develop a solid smoothie or juice morning routine. Cheaper produce is everywhere this time of year, so take advantage and get on that health kick. 
  8. Take your workout outside. Go for a run, jump in a pool, or take your yoga mat outside. Mix things up, have fun, and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. 
  9. Do something kind. Volunteer at an animal rescue, help spread awareness on a topic you can't stop thinking about, or just spend time helping loved ones make healthier plant-based choices.
  10. Enjoy and appreciate nature.Summer always has epic sunsets and thunderstorms. Don't forget to stop, pause, and take them in. 

What kind of vegan fun have you been getting into this summer?